Climate Strikes, The Rebellion of Generation Z.

In recent years we have seen surges in climate rallies on a global scale, from the Extinction Rebellion,  to the solo strike of 15 year old Greta Thunberg, spreading across now to New Zealand where on March the 15th, thousands of New Zealand School Students plan to go on strike to support a worldwide day of action over global warming. But what do current climate rallies all tend to have in common? Those born after 1995, or generation Z are they are more colloquially referred to, appear to be a common denominator in all of these events.

source:BBC News

So what are the political implications of these rallies?

Well each group is demanding different actions from their government, in New Zealand the demands are focused around supporting the governments Carbon Zero Act, ceasing exploration and extraction of fossil fuels with immediate effect and regulating emissions from agriculture. In the UK extinction rebellion demand UK government tell the truth about the climate devastation by declaring an emergency, the establishment of a citizen’s assembly to overview a repeal of climate-negligent laws and the enactment of new policies in line with climate science

We cannot yet tell how the climate rallies will have an impact on policy but protestors continue to put pressure on their governments at a critical time where the chaotic political climate mirrors the climate that we are faced with.

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